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Respiratory Protection Program


The purpose of this program is to establish procedures for the selection, use, and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment for employees of JCJ Services, LLC, located in Glastonbury, Connecticut.


This program covers JCJ Services, LLC employees who may be required to wear respiratory protection. Situations that may require the use of respiratory protection include the following:

  1. Entry into areas where the air concentrations may exceed acceptable levels.
  2. Operations where the use of engineering controls are not feasible or do not adequately reduce employee exposures to hazardous materials.


Air Purifying Respirators: These respirators use filters or cartridges that filter or capture air contaminants. These respirators cannot be worn in atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life and health, contain less than 19.5% oxygen, or protection against gases and vapors with poor odor warning properties.

Air Supplying Respirators: These respirators supply air to the wearer. The air source may be contained in self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) or supplied by an air line hose connected to a compressor or cylinders of compressed air. The air must meet the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Specifications for Grade D breathing air (G7.1 1966).

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