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Hazard Communication Safety Program

Regulatory Standard: OSHA - 29 CFR 1910.1200
    - 29 CFR 1926.59

Basis: About 32 million workers are potentially exposed to one or more chemical hazards on a daily basis. There are approximately 1 million existing chemical products and hundreds of new ones being introduced annually. The OSHA Hazard Communication Regulatory Standard establishes requirements to make sure that the hazards of all chemicals imported into, produced, or used in U.S. workplaces are evaluated and that this hazard information is transmitted to all affected workers.

General: JCJ Services, LLC wants to ensure that the hazards of all chemicals used in our work are evaluated and that information concerning their hazards is transmitted to everyone exposed to them. This program is intended to address the issues of evaluating the potential hazards of chemicals, communicating information concerning these hazards, and establishing appropriate protective measures for everyone exposed to them.

Major Contractor License, Registration # MCO.0903609