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Commercial Roof Coating in Central Connecticut

JCJ Services offers a wide variety of roof coating options ranging from below grade containment pits to high end metal roofs. Each coating is determined by the location, the substrate, use, application method, environmental concerns, and cost. Our expert staff is capable of assisting in the selection process in order to ensure that you’re equipped with the roofing solution to meet the specific needs of your business.

Based in Connecticut, we work on local buildings in Windsor, Glastonbury, Middletown CT as well as commercial properties in surrounding areas of Central Connecticut.

Containment Pits

Typically we apply two (2) part epoxy coatings in containment pits. The coating is applied without a reinforcing fabric. On new pits the concrete walls need to have cured and need to be clean of dust and contaminants. In older pits the walls will need to be cleaned first. Let us help you decide what meets you needs.

Below Grade Waterproofing

We usually apply sheet waterproofing in below grade applications, however, we also offer spray, roll, and trowel on waterproofing coatings as well. Talk to us before choosing your next below grade waterproofing system.

Garage Floors

The product and method for garage floor coatings depends on the concrete’s age and shape. Preparation can vary from high pressure washing of the floor to steel shot blasting, and the materials include stains, paints, epoxy coatings and overlays, all of which can be applied in a number of colors. Call us when you are ready to improve the look and performance of your garage.

Elevated Patio Decks

We offer a number of deck coatings from which you can choose based upon your desired performance, and aesthetics.

Masonry Walls

We offer two basic coatings for masonry walls, clear coatings that are applied over brick, and colored coatings that typically are applied over cinderblock or concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls. If you have a leak and you have masonry walls, contact us and we’ll help you determine if a masonry coating is the appropriate solution to your problems.

Flat Roofs

Coatings for low slope roofs are a great way to extend their life or give them new life at a fraction of the cost of replacing the roof. Based upon the substrate and space below, we can use a number of different coatings to achieve a hard, but flexible system. Typically, low slope roof coatings come in a base with reinforcing fabric, and a UV protection coat. The UV protection coat comes in a wide range of colors, and can even be customized. When you start planning your next roof project, please contact us, so we can help you make the right choice.

Metal Roofs

“If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes” – Mark Twain

What does Mark Twain’s quote have to do with metal roofs? If you live in New England you know how abruptly the weather can change. And these abrupt changes cause metal roofs to constantly expand and contract as temperature fluctuate. The movement, caused by the expansion and contraction, leads to lose fasteners and failed seams. Combine that with New England snow & rain, and you have the perfect recipe for wide spread roof leaks in the winter. As a result we offer a wide range of flexible reinforced and non-reinforced coatings to address this common problem. We can patch a particularly troubling area or we can install a complete coating system with a fifteen, twenty or twenty-five year warranty. If you’re sick and tired of roof leaks, contact us today, so we can start curing your leaks tomorrow.

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